My Workshop

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I built my workshop from a kit. The instructions were in Dutch, but following intuition, the installation was fairly straightforward and went smoothly! Working in London and having lived there for many years, I know how expensive it can be. I assure you, the train fare or petrol expense for you to come to me will be much, much less than the overhead I would have to pass on to my clients had I based this business down in London. As a result I am able to offer extremely reasonable rates by basing my business at home.

The solid wood workshop where I service instruments and give consultations to clients, is well lit, warm and dry, and comfortably fits two. There is even an impressive armchair for clients to sit in whilst I fine tune instruments!

If you are a professional oboist, your oboe is the most valuable and essential tool you possess. You should not compromise on the care and maintenance you provide for it. It takes 49 minutes on many services from Marylebone to Bicester North where I will pick you up and bring you to my workshop. Alternatively, see my contact me page for a secure postal service via DHL or alternatively drive, which should take between an hour and 90 minutes depending on where in London you live.