What I prefer to do, rather than having a set menu of services, is to do a thorough check on receiving the instrument, noting down exactly what needs to be done and then tailoring the work to suit the individual customer’s requirement and budget.

This can be anything from a simple check and regulation to a full restoration.

I am happy to do as much or as little work as the customer requires and will email or telephone a quote within 24 hours. Generally a professional Gillet System Oboe overhaul costs approximately £150 depending on how many pads etc. require replacement.

A covered hole student instrument overhaul will cost approximately £75.


  • Basic servicing (strip down, check over condition of pads, keywork, octave pipes, springs, tenon and damping corks)
  • Re-padding
  • Damage and crack repair
  • Broken and worn keywork repairs
  • Silver or nickel plating erosion repairs
  • Tuning adjustments

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